Hello World!

“This is it, here I stand
I’m the light of the world, I feel grand


Ok, I’ll stop with the concert (although I believe singing and dancing are about feeling good and not sounding or looking good). But I’ll pause just to tell you I’m so excited to start this wedding planning blog. Those close to me know I’ve been planning this wedding since Raoul started calling me regularly. I’ve been driving everyone around me crazy with my plans and buying stuff for the wedding. I had to endure them telling me to hold on to make sure we are really getting married. Well now it’s official and I can sing like MJ!

I guess I should start with a formal introduction (because I hope to have more readers than just my mother) I’m Amber Dominique, a dreamer who strives to gain as many talents as she possibly can. I love eating “good” food, caring for children, being a part of my American Sign Language congregation, old movies & fashions, country music and most of all the love of my life – Raoul.


 (Us on Jaws Beach – right after he proposed)

 Raoul is just like me in all the ways it counts and opposite in all the ways that make us work as a team. If you would’ve asked me everyday up until I fell for him I never would have said I’d end up marrying a man from a different country. But that’s what’s happening! 

I’m marrying a man who’s admired and respected by me as well as his family and friends. I love that he doesn’t mind being my best friend and lets me talk all night, he’s always determined to improve on himself and our relationship, he has high standards and a great big heart that loves me!


 (Us in a Cave in Nassau – April 2011)

We met in The Bahamas October 2009 when I was there on a cruise with family and friends. He might call it something else but the way he described it to me, he fell in love at first sight. After his relentless and charming efforts we started dating shortly after in December. Two years, thousands of phone minutes, six plane rides, and tons of hugs, kisses and tears later I made a decision.

 (We didn’t actually fly direct but you get the idea)

We are supposed to get married – seriously. Because we’re not exactly a car ride away, Raoul FINALLY asked me to marry him over the phone and I had to wait a long, long, long (well it felt that long) time till we could be together again and he could put a ring on it!


(Showing off my prized possesion) All photos unless sourced are personal

 I always wanted to get married on a beach and once I started dreaming about marrying Ra all I could think was how amazing would it be to get married where the beaches are among some of the most beautiful in the world! So despite everyone trying to convince me a wedding in the states would be easier/cheaper/more convenient we are getting married in The Beautiful Bahamas! Together we are planning a very elegant, slightly vintage, all DIY, as green as possible destination wedding on the beach in Nassau and a reception in the woods in Virginia Beach with a little bit of money and a whole lotta love!

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