Our Journey: The Proposal

 Raoul officially proposed during my visit to The Bahamas in December 2011. He had proposed over the phone long before we found out when I had time off work and booked my ticket. I flew in Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday was my first full day there. Raoul wanted to take me to look at possible wedding locations. As we were driving I asked Raoul “Since there’s no ring, are we officially engaged?” He said “Yes” so I moved forward. After a bit of pouting Raoul took me ring shopping the next afternoon. We went to four stores, as I was determined to find the best price. He endured (with the help of his iPhone and watch shopping) while I tried on various combinations trying to achieve the “stacked look” I had in my mind.
I decided I wanted one in rose gold, one in yellow gold, one in white gold and one with champange diamonds. After store number three we had to sit on the bench outside and have a real talk about the budget he had in mind and me going over it and for a second I thought there would be no ring that day. This was one of those moments where I felt I’m marrying the right man, because we left that bench holding hands with no hard feelings. I love that we can tackle a problem and move on.
The fourth store we went to turned out to be the gold mine! I found the “perfect ring” and it was within our budget and I couldn’t have been more excited. It made a big difference that Raoul actually liked the ring as well. He was a little upset I changed my mind and wanted stacked bands and didn’t want a ring with a big center stone because of people opinions. There were some comments but he realized it was better to make me happy than everyone else and he fell in love with that little ring too. I felt he loved me enough to make me happy. I convinced him we could start a tradition and I can get a band for every special occasion and wear different combinations of bands over the years.  As we walked back to the car Raoul stopped to get me ice cream without me having to ask. He figured out from the last trip that stopping for ice cream is a big deal to me and it was the perfect ending to our afternoon. We went back to the house and showed Raoul’s mother the ring. She loved it as well. Then Raoul took the box and put it away.

I’m not sure if it came before the ring shopping or after but Raoul did make a phone call to my mother to ask for my hand in marriage. The next few days of the trip we visited with friends and family and did more wedding location hunting. We had a couple of amazing dates. Nope, I didn’t skip anything – I didn’t get the ring yet! Thursday passed, Friday passed and Saturday was almost over so you can imagine I was growing impatient and frustrated. I had been introduced as the fiancé a few times but I was still wearing my dummy ring! I convinced Raoul to drive me out to Clifton Heritage Park because he was sure it would be the perfect wedding location and I wanted to check out the logistics. We went to Jaws Beach which Raoul knew I would love to go shell picking. I had my eye on sponges this trip so we collected sponges, shells, and bits of coral as well walked along the beach. We talked about everything, including my spirit being crushed I didn’t have the ring yet and our feelings about the trip so far.

This is Jaws Beach but from April when I visited (Personal Photo)

We sat down to rest for a bit and Raoul began to tell me how he felt overwhelmed and thanked me for my patience with him. He explained he had intended to propose at the restaurant the night before when we went out with the couples, he thought out on the water in front of everyone would be perfect. I disagreed but kept quiet (for once). He then said “I know I should do this on one knee but on two feet and two butt cheeks, Amber Dominique Roberts-Butler, will you be my wife?” I was speechless for the first time in my life and could only move my lips to form yes.

I got my ring! YAY! (Personal Photo)

The moment was overwhelming. Even though I expected it every moment, I was still caught off guard that it was actually happening. We were making history! I had only one little tear well up in my eye. I was more than happy, more than content and more than in love. We sat for a few moments longer, talking and hugging. I told him I was so glad he did it in my favorite place (the beach) and with just us for such a personal moment. I also told him I was pissed he messed up my pictures because he waited until I used up all my cute outfits and when my hair was no longer freshly done! I wasthinking of all the beautiful photographs I’ve seen on wedding blogs. We might have sealed it with a kissed. After we left went to see Raoul’s mom and show her the ring on my finger. We then went back to his house and Raoul took a nap while I used the internet phone to call my family to share the good news. Everyone asked did I feel different and I really didn’t because in my head we were “engaged” for a while. Once that pretty little ring went on my finger I did feel better than I had before – I felt it was more real. I felt he had finally peed on me and marked his territory!

Personal Photos
I felt my proposal was perfect even though it wasn’t what I expected. Were you surprised when you got engaged? Do you think it means a woman is high maintenance if she want’s to have a part in selecting her ring?

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