Git er Done!

Git er done! Add that to the list of things I never thought I’d hear my mother say. I can’t remember if she was talking about school work or house chores the first time she told me this.


  I came to Nassau in December with full intentions to Git er Done- getting this wedding planned that is.  I had my wedding notebook and nice pens ready, my power point files of inspiration pictures ready and I had done all the research I could on the internet to get ready! I was hoping to have all the major planning for the wedding done before I left, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. Who am I kidding, what in my life goes as planned!? We did accomplish to drive around and look at some beautiful venues and discuss some details with a few friendors. But I left at the end of that wonderful week with nothing checked off my to do list, no date, no venue, no vendors. I was quite stressed about this because in the back of my head I kept hearing “Git er Done” and we were a long ways off.

Remember I told you I had started planning long before we were official? Well I had been doing research and frequenting wedding blogs for some time. I was planning for a May 2012 wedding because of the cruise ship schedule, I thought it would be convenient for everyone to get on the cruise ship in Norfolk and come to Bahamas for the wedding plus get a vacation and I knew I would have off work for one week in May.  Since a four month engagement would not leave me much time to get things done so I wanted to start early and be ready. Raoul and I had a serious conversation, meaning he told me stop planning for everyone else, and I realized it wasn’t going to give us enough time so save for a wedding we wanted to (mostly) pay for ourselves or give our guests enough time to save for the trip. Raoul was comfortable with July. My employers were great and said whatever date I pick is fine for them, but being a Nanny is was important to me to choose a date convenient for the family. A family that was growing, when I learned there was a baby on the way at the end of July I really wanted to plan accordingly. I talked with some family about what would be a good time for them and they needed more time to save and taking a week off work was not feasible. Then I asked my “Pops”, a man whom I love and want to marry us. He has to be one of the busiest men in America and he said August would be the most appropriate. I felt it was way too far away to get to be with my honey but it worked out well with my work schedule and did give me time to work on my extensive list of DIY projects. I picked the last Saturday in August and it was a conflict for my Pop’s. I was so frustrated after going back and forth for almost three weeks so I just said “Okay the weekend before and I’m done” (I have a tendency to make decisions like this, it’s how I bought my new car) I didn’t look at the calendar till I was about to pitch the date to Raoul that evening and I realized that’s my late grandmothers (whom I was very close to) birthday August 18th.  It was always easy to remember 8.18.28 and how easy would that be for me to remember my wedding date. I crossed my eyes that Raoul would be ok with date, and he was!

Personal Image

So the first accomplishment on our wedding planning was checked off the list, we had a date. Which meant I could really take off on planning and “Git er Done!” How long did it take you to finalize a date? Did you have to consider the schedules or family and friends? 

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