Pretty Ways to Say “Oh, You Better Be There!”

When I envision my wedding day I see all the people I love and care about smiling at me, hugging me and having a good time at a beautiful party.  I honestly feel bad that having the wedding in The Bahamas means I won’t have everyone there. I don’t want anyone missing from the group but I know with a destination wedding, in this economy, that’s not possible.  The upside is I don’t have to worry about having a super large wedding, which I’ll explain later. But to make sure as many as possible can be in attendance, I wanted to send out a Save the Date (STD) to make sure friends and family had plenty of time to save money and make the travel arrangements like get a passport.

I had drooled over Save the Dates for a long time. Because I love gifts my favories were the one’s that featured a keepsake. Here are some of the lovelies that caught my eye:

My first love …


Image 1 via weddingbee’s Mrs.Duckling/Image 2 via weddingbee diy

That love came and went quickly because I knew it would take FOREVER to make. Then I fell for a unique twist on magnets.

Image 1 via weddingbee diy/ Image 2 via dot girl blog

I like the idea of fridge reminders but I’ve never liked the idea of my face on your fridge. But if I did magnets I’d want a seashell one too and that was going to be expensive to mail. The school supply obsessed kid in me went crazy over these.

Image 1 via junebug weddings / Image 2 via weddingbee diy /Image 3 via glamour weddings/ Image 4 via boho-weddings

In the course of my research I found the little golf pencils were cheaper but they would be very difficult to mail. Then I discovered there is a whole world of travel them goodies for destination weddings. This was so cute and I knew I could make this pretty cheap.

Image via Invitations by Dawn

I bought a pack of 12 drink umbrellas from the dollar tree to try it out. I couldn’t find the tiny hold punch in the craft stores. I put this idea on the shelf because I found something I liked even better.

Image 1 via best destination wedding / Image 2 via best destination wedding/ Image 3 via etsy / Image 4 via best destination wedding

Luggage Tags were a great way to say “Let’s Travel!” and they wern’t too expensive. But I felt I wanted to give them the travel details, especially since everyone wasn’t internet savy.

Image 1 via best destination wedding /Image 2 via serendipity designs/Image 3 via best destination wedding/ Image 4 via invitation crush

I was too in love with the luggage inspired mailer boxes. How special would it be to receive this in the mail when you were only expecting plain white envelopes of bills?!

Image 1 via best destination wedding / Image 2 via best destination wedding /Image 3 via best destination wedding /Image 4 via best destination wedding

The downside was they used them for message in the bottles. I didn’t want message in the bottle save the dates  but I wanted these boxes! I tried to think what could I put in there. And because I wanted to be original, How could I change these boxes to be my own? Because I’m an “I want it all” kind of girl, the ones that combined a few of the ideas I liked appealed most to me. Message in the Bottles, Passports and Luggage Tags, Oh My! But again what to use instead of a message in the bottle?

Image via bestdestinationwedding (I had a hard time finding a source for the ones I saved originally so this is newer but same idea and I love it better)

I researched the least expensive way to put them together for a week. Just when I thought I had made up my mind I stumbled across this beauty.

 Image via masonjarbride

 It’s so pretty right. The best part is it’s green and cheap. It’s made with repurposed cardboard boxes, labels, lace trim and ribbon. I knew this would work well in my shrinking budget and I loved the contrast of the torn cardboard and pretty lace.  I liked all these STD’s because they were different than just a picture of the couple of someone’s fridge. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, I just feel weird about my face on your fridge until you get sick of it. Plus I have a strong desire to be creative, unique and different than the rest. Being the indecisive person I am I had such a very hard time choosing one. So it was time to start designing. YAY! Which do you like best? 

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