The Colors, Duke, The Colors!

I’m a child of the 90’s so I can’t talk about colors without hearing this comercial in my head.

Being a designer colors are one of my favorite parts of creating a mood. It’s not all what looks pretty, there is a large amount of psychology involved. Did you know that more people argue in a yellow room than any other color? Did you know blue is an appetite suppressant, making it a great color for dinner plates when you’re on a diet, but stimulates you to drink making it a great color for a bar? Did you know most fast food places use red and yellow because the two colors stimulate your appetite and the high energy makes you impulsive and order more? Did you know that they painted walls every color in prison and the only color that kept the men calm was pink? I could go on for days. That’s why I love color, it has such a powerful affect on people and they don’t even realize.  

I didn’t take the correct designer approach when I started choosing colors for my wedding. I had fallen in love with a bright shade called coral. I thought it was tropical, fun and gave me a enough of my favorite color pink without actually being pink. I was also crazy about the color of the water in the Bahamas. It was an aqua that made me feel all kinds of good things inside.  I thought how cute, a shade of pink for my favorite color and a shade of blue for Ra’s. I also loved that together the two colors were high energy and creating a fun, energetic, party atmosphere.


 I searched and searched and coral, though growing in popularity, was not easy to shop for. I searched for parasols, fans, napkins and didn’t find much.  I found lots of brides on wedding blogs saying this was their color but did not see many pictures. (p.s. there are a ton of pictures if you search now, not so much the case this time last year) I searched for attire.

 Upper LeftUpper Right/ Lower Left/ Lower Right

Then I searched for “affordable” attire. There were many clothing items in coral, but not many were appropriate for the wedding. I added to my wardrobe as I couldn’t get enough of this color. Then I took my search to etsy.

 Save the Date/Bouquet/ Charm Necklace/ Invite/ Earrings/Tissue Poms/Feather Clip/Bib Necklace

 I might maybe have contacted this etsy seller to create a paper bouquet in my colors, ordered samples and then changed my mind but she had already created the bouquet so she listed it. But I said might. Anywho, I began to notice that I was right click and saving (before the days of pinterest) quite a bit of photos with softer and more neutral, more monochromatic color schemes. More like the style my house had been turning into. I decided that the wedding should be mainly neutral with pops of coral and aqua or salmon and mint.





As I was about to paint my bedroom ceiling coral pink (You heard right, I’m the girl that has bubblegum pink walls in her kitchen) I found this picture while searching for ideas to redecorate my bedroom.  It changed my world. One day I will try my idea of painting all the ceilings in my house a different color and leaving the walls white but for now my bedroom had to look like this. I ran it past Raoul and he shot me down, saying his boys would not let him hear the end of it.

Isn’t she lovely?/ Source

I couldn’t get this image out of my head and I found myself saving more and more images with similar colors. Then I found this amazing collection of images from Martha Stewart and saved them even though I felt I’d never really get to use them.

What a beautiful combination of peach and pink! Source 

When I visited Raoul in December I had a current copy of Martha Stewart Weddings 2011 Travel Issue (I kinda wanna grow up to be like her). I couldn’t get my eyes off the pages of one wedding in particluar …


and just for kicks I asked Raoul since he knew pink was my favorite color, could we have a pink wedding. To my surprise he said yes! “Just don’t make it too girly” he added. The designer in me went back to this the bedroom image as a mood board. It provided a more relaxed, elegant mood, the direction I was starting to in. I loved that there was no real silver or gold tone. It was a mixture of interesting metallic colors. I remembered a copper leather jacket a friend had recently given me. I loved that color so much, especially with my skin and hair color. And then our color scheme was born. Off white, sand, peach, blush pink, copper, gold and champagne. Oh, and a bit of navy blue as per Raoul’s request to add his favorite color. I’ve gone back and forth about how to throw mint in there but we’ll see. And one last pretty picture.


 When I looked back and the journey I traveled selecting my color scheme I realized my mother did the same thing. Only she changed her mind between two schemes everyday for almost a month and she drove me crazy. Hey it’s a very important decision to make!  Have you ever called a woman a bridezilla and later realized you did the same thing? Did you change your color scheme a few times?

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