Wedding Planned, Insert Groom Here

 Remember I told you I had started not so secretly planning the wedding before we were officially engaged? The slightly type-A and slightly OCD crazed person in me wanted to get a head start so I can avoid stress and anxiety later. Plus I wanted to take advantage of good deals. I didn’t intend to just “Insert groom here.” I did a lot of research on The Bahamas and Raoul’s likes and dislikes to make it an event both of us would be happy with. I had asked Raoul tons of questions and he had input on our future wedding but he had no idea I had been collecting a secret Monica closet full of stuff for the wedding.


That’s right I started my ribbon wands and my OOT Bags before I had a ring and I’m not ashamed of it. I couldn’t wait to start DIY-ing and I carefully choose projects that were neutral enough that I could resell them if I needed to and not have to worry about our names or a wrong date being on them. Well my mother called me in the room one morning (after I had slept over) to hurry and watch this on the news: Single Bridezillas


They discussed Marie Claire article about woman planning the wedding before they have the groom, which you can read here. It was comforting to learn I’m not the only one. Not that I want to be in the club with Kim Kardashian, sorry Kim. But not every woman does it to have a fairy tale, some are thinking of saving time and money. I believe my hard worked paid off. I have some amazing finds at a great price which I can’t wait to share with you and I was able to work out some kinks. Brides have a tendency to change their minds tons of time and drive those around them crazy. I was able to do a lot of research (which really means unproductively spends months and months saving pictures off wedding blogs and Google images) I found lots of great ideas I can DIY, finally figured out my color scheme, narrowed down venus and menus, became addicted to favors, bookmarked plently of sites trying to find the lowest prices and more. Winning!

Did you secretly pre-plan? It’s ok you can tell the truth, I won’t judge you.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Planned, Insert Groom Here

  1. Amber, I love your blog so far! Even though I know some of the DIY projects coming, it make me even more excited to see more!

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