Save the Date Journey: Shopping & Designing

After I was more than inspired I started thinking about what I want my STD’s to say to my guests. I wanted to be tactful but basically I wanted to say “save your money and get your passport so you can come.”  The entire time I was dating Raoul I was always looking for someone to accompany me on a visit to the Bahamas. Problem was finding someone with their passport and the money for the plane ticket. When people found out I was planning on going I remembered saying over and over “Save your money and get your Passport.” I brainstormed about how to save this. Something about putting money in your piggy bank to prepare came to mind. Then I thought how cool would it be to have a “Bahamas Fund” piggy bank to inspire people to save for the trip. I did a lot of research for little piggy banks and came across these.



They were perfect, only they were $3.85 each. Too rich for my blood. Then I fell in love with these.


I loved the unique cork in the nose and I thought they could be like a message in the bottle, I could put a little sand and shells in the bottom and roll up the message. But then I wasn’t crazy about message in the bottles, and they were $25. Finding piggy banks that were affordable was painful. I discovered clear plastic was cheaper than glass or ceramic.


$1.80 wasn’t bad, but I didn’t like not having a slot. I found out I could order blank ones from a website that printed logos. They would be about $1.25 each for 100 which was way more than I wanted, but no matter what adding shipping jacked the price up. Then I found key chains for 80 cents.


 I don’t think anyone wants a piggy keychain but they were cute. Then I found a “green” piggy bank!


I could only admire these from afar because they were about $3.00 each. I thought about making them but that was even more costly. About that time I gave up and went back to my original favorite ideas, the pencils and magnets. I thought having little magnets to play with on your fridge would be cute and fun. Our picture would be tiny so I didn’t have to worry about my face on someone’s fridge. I was also drawn to the cardboard postcard because I knew it would be budget friendly. I started working in Photoshop on a few ideas. It had been a long time since I used Photoshop so it was taking more time than I wanted to brush up on my skills and accomplish my project. I switched over to Power Point and then I moved along pretty quickly pouring out designs. I won’t bore you will all of them but this was my favorite.


(Personal Photo)

 I wanted you to feel like you could “play”. You would get a personalized golf pencil and three tiny magnets, one with our faces, one with our logo and one with a tiny seashell. I shopped online for tiny magnets, they wern’t cheap and I hate paying shipping. I went to the craft stores and Wal-mart and found a few, good ole’ Wal-mart was the cheapest. I found glass gems/bubbles at the dollar store, both large and small. I originally planned to print the date on paper and make it another glass bubble but then I found wood disks at a pretty good price on Etsy. I really wanted to incorporate wood. (I LOVE wood, it reminds me of going to the hardware store with my father as a little girl.) This would make the project more expensive because I would need to make a stamp to get the date on. I just needed shells.  Finding the right size was difficult. I spent hours and hours working on this project and I just wasn’t feeling it. It would be costly and time consuming. I played around with the cardboard postcard next.

(Personal Photo)

I was really feeling this. I loved that it was green by using recycled cardboard. I loved that it contrasted the rough cardboard with the pretty lace. I loved that it was budget friendly! I bought some lace trim on ebay, ribbon at AC Moore cut up a shipping box and created a few mockups to try out the idea.




(Personal Photo)

I showed my mother and she was concerned that I was not yet engaged and I was working so hard on this project, but she loved it. I think her favorite part was that it was so inexpensive. I showed the family I work for and they thought it was great. They even offered me a huge cardboard box that their futon came in. I had plenty of clean cardboard, I just needed labels and lace. The labels I found at office max. They weren’t too expensive but they weren’t cheap. I went to the fabric stores searching for lace. I could not find any I really liked at a good price. I figured out that I needed to be around $2 a yard and I went online in search of a good deal. It drove me crazy to choose something so important without seeing and feeling it. The lace was all different widths and I had to keep measuring to see what would fit with the labels. Frustrated I gave up.

As you can see on the dates I was planning for a May wedding because I wanted to be ready. But it was October and we hadn’t even found out when my next vacation would be yet so there was no promise of a ring yet. Plus I was busy with my mother’s wedding coming up in November. So the Save the Dates went on pause.  Have you ever started a project and realized it would be too expensive to finish?

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