Save the Date Journey: Designing, Ordering & Assembling

When I showed Raoul and his mother they were quite impressed. Raoul made me feel warm and fuzzy when he told me I continued to amaze him. I returned home determined to get them finished and sent out so everyone had plenty time to save up and get off work. I perfected the passport pages while waiting on a date so I could start printing. I decided to add some pictures since a lot of my family and friends hadn’t seen Ra and I knew it would make the older guests happy.

(Personal Image)

I left a space at the top to add a magnet to it that way you could put it on your fridge but my face is hidden!  Sorry, I had to remove our website. I needed to get an idea of who was really interested in coming for planning purposes and I remembered I had seen an early bird rsvp a girl had made while ago.  I wanted the package to be fun and interactive and I remembered this image I had saved on my computer. Of course I couldn’t find it and after persistent googling I found it again.



I loved that they were fun and interactive. I also loved the vintage postcards that I had been seeing but I was limited by the images I could find for free. It took a lot of tweaking to get it just right but I came up with this.

(Personal Images) 

I loved it and I had hopes and dreams that I could collect sweet, meaningful messages and display them one day. I changed the address so you can see the pretty font, although it looks so much better with my address! By the way this was like draft 12 and I was so tired of looking at it.

When we finally got a date and I was able to place my Vistaprint order. Oh, after three days of trying to upload my files and getting fustrated they were too small I googled it and learned you have to make your file four times the print size. Then I went back again and made changes so all four sides were on one image, that way I only had to pay for one upload. I used an email offer for a 250 postcards for $5 to print the main STD and I placed an order right after that for 100 free postcards so I could get the RSVP. I paid an extra $11 to have the matte finish so everyone could write on them. I uploaded our logo and made some stickers (so I could personalize the piggy banks), magnetic notepads, pens and t-shirts just because they were free. I ordered 100 of the plain white envelopes for about $4 extra and some free address labels that matched pretty well. I had a little freak out moment because placing this order meant this was real. The date was being published and this was really happening. I paid for 21 day slow shipping on three orders and 7 day fast shipping on one order. Three orders with shipping was about $60.  Then I just had to wait.

In the meantime I worked on the luggage mailing boxes. I didn’t want to wait for shipping so I hit up Office Depot, Staples and two shipping stores. I couldn’t find the rectangle boxes I was looking for. The smallest boxes I found were at 6x6x6 at Office Depot and they were a little over a dollar each. This project was adding up fast  but they happened to be having a sale on shipping supplies. I believe it was “spend $25 get $5 off”, not much of a sale but I picked up 5 boxes and a pack of shipping tags. I checked to see what Office Max had and it was the same boxes but I also picked up a pack of gold brads. Then I hit up AC Moore to purchase sheets of black foam,black and white ribbon and soem glue sticks. I also ordered 50 kraft envelopes from (where I purchased the passport cardstock from) for 10.95 plus shipping. I checked Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart first for all of these supplies and the three I went to had none of this. Then I went to another Wal-Mart one day and found everything I had been looking for but it was kinda late. I did buy 12 more 6x6x6 boxes because they were only 50 cents!


Here’s all the supplies (Personal Photo)

This is what I was going for:

Image 1 via best destination wedding / Image 2 via best destination wedding /Image 3 via best destination wedding /Image 4 via best destination wedding

It didn’t happen. The square box just didn’ t look right with the ribbons. I was fustrated and I left the project for a few days. I killed time by creating a belly band to keep everything together and it gave me a place to incorporate a saying since I want that to be a recurring theme.

 I was so excited when the Vistaprint order finally arrived. I showed the contents to Raoul over the webcam and he was more than impressed. I added return address labels and shipping tags to the envelopes the first. Then I printed, scored and glue-dotted the belly bands. (It’s a word) At the last minute I decided to print the Passports on nicer paper but the only paper available was for laser printers. I also picked up small clear circle labels for the logo on the piggy bank because the Vistaprint ones were so big they wrinkled.  I had the hardest time getting my files to not resize on the laser printer I had access to, leaving me with 60 sheets of wasted regular and 10 sheets of wasted glossy paper (so not green). I gave up and printed them on regular paper so I could get them done. I could not for the life of me do anything with that label template so I gave up and I have ugly wrinkled labels. I had to get done! It took two sittings to trim and score all the passports. When I went to staple them together I realized the stapler wasn’t long enough. I should have sewed them with pretty gold thread like I wanted to originally but I didn’t have the time.

This was happy me two days before the stapler incident. (Personal Photo)

(Personal Photo)

I went out the next day and bought a long reach stapler and my little cousin just had to help me! Yeah, that busted look I’m sporting was because of being up from 2-7am addressing envelopes! 

Because it would take between $4.80 and $6.00 to mail a box with a piggy bank I knew most people would be getting just the envelope mailed and the piggy bank hand delievered if possible. I did my best to finish the envelopes first and then I had to force myself to to finish the luggage boxes. I got a spark of inspiration when I stumbled across a picture of a train case, and finished the outside of the boxes. Then I took the packing material I had been saving for months (my way of bring green) and packaged the piggy banks to get them ready to mail.

 I’m almost done, did you ever spend so much time on a project you loved you started to hate looking at it?

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