You Can Do It, Put Your Back In To It

Alternative Titles: Girl, You Look Good, Won’t You Back That Thang Up! and Baby, Got Back!

For many men the booty is the most desirable body part on a woman is her booty. For me the most beautiful part is the back. At a wedding you spend a lot of time looking at the bride’s back. Think about it, she walks down and your struggling to see her past everyone standing up. Unless there is some creative seating arrangement, throughout the ceremony you’re stuck staring at her back.

 Even at a Royal Wedding you get a rear view/Source

I’ve always sat through ceremonies where it happens this way and thought if I must look at her back it might as well be interesting. Why is all the focus of the dress on the front? Guests will really only see that in the receiving line and later in pictures. So for a long time I knew when I get married I want a jaw dropping back.

That’s beautiful, but not jaw dropping remember I like to see backs? /Source 


More like it, I love the beading but a little too exposed for me/ Source

 The lace is so pretty but the bow seems like it’s on the wrong dress/ Source 

This dress is all wrong for me but I love the lace pattern on her back (Really what woman wants a huge rose on her butt?) Source 

This was all kinds of perfect, Modest, Sweet and Stunning / Source


Oh, so sexy and classy/ Source

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty/ Source

The one on the left blows my mind with how simple and crazy hotthe back  is (but why do they keep adding weird stuff on the butts?) /Source

This is probably one of the best choices for me, I get to show off my back and still be classy and modest and I love the buttons and neckline/Source

Did your jaw drop? Mine did! While most girls dream about the big poufy, princess gown I dreamt about walking down looking sweet and innocent going towards the crowd and once I get past them…Bam! A stunning surprise. Since I wanted to be married before God I was concerned I did get carried away and look like I was wearing something only my husband should see.


This is one of those I had to see it so you do too, I know it’s your wedding lady, but seriously? Source

So the rules for my wedding dress shopping was:

  1. Backless detail but still modest – Not marrying into the Duggar family modest but not so sexy I offend Grandma
  2. Lace – I’ve discovered I loved it and it felt bridal and vintage to me
  3. Comfortable for the beach and dancing – I didn’t want to spend money on something I’d only wear for a few hours, I wanted to be able to wear my dress all day
  4. Affordable – I wanted to spend less than $1000 on my entire wardrobe for the day

I had also plans of using my mothers first wedding dress somehow. I was inspired by Mrs.Turtles’ custom shrug and with that in the back of my mind set off dress shopping. Online of course because there was no ring yet. What body part did you want your wedidng dress to feature?


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