Save the Date Journey: Get them out of here!

The Save the Dates are officially being mailed. No, there not all sent and I’ll explain why in a minute. But I’m so glad they’re gone. I had grown tired of looking at them.
It took a week to get address on them. Mostly because I needed my mothers help and we both have busy schedules. She called me to come over one night and she was in bed before 9. That might not be surprising to you but my family eats dinner at 9! Fustrated I just went to sleep there, I awoke to her checking on everyone at 2am with her burst of energy. She asked if I wanted her help and since I was awake I grabbed my stuff and went to her bed. This is what addressing STD’s in the bed at 3 in the morning looks like:

Beautiful, Hun? I kept reminding her I didn’t sleep for two weeks before her wedding! (Personal Photos)

I learned I super hate finding addresses. I now know why snail mail is a dying trend. In a world where I can’t remember all of my internet alpha numeric passowords how am I supposed to keeps track of everyone’s address?! I tried to be proactive and started to collect address from people I bumped into when I knew I was about to get the ring, but most of our family and friends live in different states. My mother’s brain has somehow committed to memory quite a few addresses, but that was only for people who haven’t moved in 10 or 12 years. What saved me from giving up was a little trick my mother taught me. I shouldn’t share because it’s one of those secrets that get passed down through the generations but you might find helpful one day. Ok, I’ll share but keep it between us. Google them. I know, it’s crazy right! I had a why didn’t I think of that moment (and you probably did too) The white pages website is like having a phone book for every state but without taking up space in your house. But this didn’t give us all the ones we needed. It was a good thing I was only sending Save the Dates to the people I expected to need to make travel arrangements, I realized when it came time for the wedding invitations that you have to send to the older family members as a formality I was going to go through this all over again. I made a few phone calls to get some addresses and then realized we don’t have everyone’s current number.

During this process I also fell in love with the guys at my post office. (Which reminds me I want to make them cookies or brownies..actually I should just take them candy because I wouldn’t eat what kind strangers baked me.) They seriously are the nicest, most patient men. They have endured many long visits from me during this month. Let me illustrate.

 Until them, Ra was one of the few men who would watch me be crazy me and just smile and love me anyways. Maybe because it was their job, maybe because they’re just the most awesome post office guys ever.

A look at my new stamp collection

So since they have not been mailed to everyone I don’t want to reveal the full package just yet, but I can tease you with a sneak peek. 

All Photos Personal

I know your dying to see. Soon, very soon.  Was it really a secret tip or have you used before?

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