Branding our Wedding

  When I first realized the wedding world had picked up a logo trend I wasn’t interested. I thought it was weird to brand your wedding and most of them were poorly done or very tacky looking. Then I started seeing more and more creative and interesting logos. As my wedding thought process usually goes– I had to have one. I looked at them for a few days and since I had experience in design and had designed logos for work and in high school I figured this would be easy, breezy for me. Problem was I was stumped I had no idea where to start because I had too many ideas I liked since I had overloaded myself with inspiration.






 I saw a lot of sellers on Etsy selling logos and I considered that in my slump but that’s not me. I believe I can make anything myself and plus I didn’t want a logo someone else already had, I wanted one unique to us.  The hardest part was finding images I could use (especially for free). Once I got a few I put them into PowerPoint added some free fonts I was loving and played around with them. You’ll notice they have the original color scheme and the old wedding date. I don’t want to overload you with all of them – just enough so you can see my creative process.

The first batch were fun. (Personal Image)


Then I found a Conch Shell image I loved the colors in.  (Personal Image)

 I discovered framing the logo with a circle and was all over the place because of too much inspiration. (Personal Image)

I played around with including our last name. I had a hard time finding a G I was happy with. (Personal Image)

I got organized and tried to incorporate all of the elements/sea creatures I loved.  (Personal Image)

I was in love with the fact they were all drawn black and white images. I thought just three was perfectly balanced but I’m a want it all kinda girl. (Personal Image)

I decided our theme should be “It’s Better in the Bahamas” since it’s their catch phrase and I choose Bahamas because the beach was better. I played around with using that in a logo because it could be used on things I wanted people to reuse or things I wanted to resell if I had extras (Personal Image)

I sent the logos off to my online bride friends and recieved some feedback. They made me feel good about my skills and by then I had really developed my talent. I combined some of my favorites to come up with these. Because I can never pick just one of anything I choose my top four favorites.

(Personal Image)

The image with the pair of conch shells became my favorite because it felt like the two of us and the conch had such meaning to us. I also loved that pretty much all the colors in my color scheme was in the conch shell. I shared them with Raoul once I had narrowed in down a bit and while he didn’t pick one he let me know how impressed he was (Reason 67).  I was touched that he got giddy seeing our names together and my first name with his last name.

Do you think it’s necessary to brand your wedding with a logo?

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