Why I’m Naked

I’ve officially had my first bridal freakout.


Let me start first by saying, I never really wanted an expensive wedding/engagement ring because at this point in my life I still loose and break like everything. I’m a serious klutz and for some reason bad things just happen to me. So I was glad when Ra and I decided I would get inexpensive bands. (Being honest it was because we couldn’t afford more right now but it works out well so go with it) I remember being so disgusted at this girl on Bridezillas because she had lost her 3rd engagement ring and after crying hysterically was about to demand a new one. I was probably more grossed out she traced her steps and said “I went to the bathroom…I didn’t wash my hands” But I thought does she not realize the expense that’s adding up. She needs to just wear a cheap ring until she can get it together. He sister in law who found the ring also scolded her.

Bridezilla Lost Ring


Now you can probably guess where this is heading. I lost my engagement ring! It must’ve been stress but I lost a lot of weight since I first got the ring and it was pretty loose. I thought about having it sized but I knew I would gain the weight again soon and the ring had never fallen off so I didn’t worry about it. Then the other morning I got to work, took off my coat and felt my finger was NAKED! I remembered looking at it that morning and thinking “Wow that’s a lot of soap on my ring, I’ll have to get it polished soon.” So I didn’t panic and assumed I must’ve set it on the bathroom sink when I was washing my hands. This was one of the days the little girl I nanny would be in preschool for a couple hours so I waited until I dropped her off to run home and get my ring off the sink. There was a package at the door when I got home. My Save the Dates and free stuff from Vistaprint, YAY! I put it in the car and went to the bathroom. My ring wasn’t there! Looked around my bedroom where I got dressed. Wasn’t there! Looked around the kitchen where I unpacked groceries that morning. Wasn’t there!

Still I did not panic. I figured I only went from home to work so it must be in one of those two places. Called my mother to tell her what was going on and she told me to calm down, pray and gave me ideas where to look. I looked where I parked at home and in the car. Not there. I looked where I had parked at work and traced my steps walking in the house. Nope. Looked around by the door thinking it flung off when I removed my coat. No Sir. I started to panic a bit, it felt like losing my child. I loved that ring! It was thee perfect ring for me. The perfect color, the perfect shape and just enough diamonds to make Ra happy but not so much I felt gaudy. This was bad. How was I going to tell Ra? I talked to my friend who told me ideas of where to look and told me to take my time, and whatever I do – don’t tell Ra. I was feeling down but that was overshadowed when I remembered my package. I tore it open and was so excited at the contents.

I went to show Ra on the webcam and despite the advice of my good friend I told him I lost my ring. I can’t keep anything from my best friend! He wasn’t angry with me but I was a little surprised he was as sad as I was. He just said he couldn’t replace it and it meant a lot to him because of the struggle to pick it out. He realized why I buy two of things I liked and said he’s going to go broke buying two of everything.  I was relieved he wasn’t upset and I went back to being happy about my shipment. Then my little girls’ daddy came home early to let me go look for my ring. I was appreciative but still felt it has to be at home and didn’t freak out yet. I checked the house and outside once more and headed home.

I started looking everywhere, slowly. No ring. At this point I freaked out! I looked good, now what could I do? I went to give it one more shot and saw there was a grocery bag by the door. It was cans of beans and I moved the bag to the kitchen. As I lifted it on the floor was…MY RING! The weight of the bag must’ve pulled my ring off. I texted everyone to let them know I had found my ring. They all told me not to wear it until I get it sized. I put it in my jewelry box and have not worn it since. I really don’t want to size it because I know I’ll get back to my normal size (I hope I do so I can stop making new holes in my belts) I still feel engaged, I felt that way before I had the ring so it’s no difference. I have been wearing my practice e-ring and even though it’s too big I won’t be that upset if I lose this one.

Close up of my Engagement band (Personal Photo)

Sorry to keep you in suspense. Did you ever lose your engagement or wedding ring?

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