Save the Date Journey: The Big Reveal

You’ve waited long enough, it’s time to reveal my precious baby! Here are our Save the Dates!

Most everyone recieved a kraft envelope with a “luggage tag” with their name and address on it.


 I had to take out the address but I was so happy to have my mother’s handwriting on my Save the Dates. I’ve always loved her handwriting so this was more precious to me than calligraphy. The envelopes had a Love stamp and a Disney stamp. I loved the Up stamp but my favorite version had a Green stamp and a Wall-E stamp.

What’s inside?

The STD postcard comes first, followed by the Early Bird RSVP and then the Passport of travel details

And if you recieved a larger package in the mail it looked like this…

I used a combination of stamps I liked to acheive the collected, vintage stamp look.

To be green, instead of buying new packing materials I stuffed the boxes with various packaging materials I had saved from bubble wrap, to peanuts, to newspaper to tissue paper. In addition to the envelope pictured above guests recieved one of three different piggy banks inside their box. Each piggy had a label with our logo that said “It’s Better in The Bahamas”

And the final package…

I was very proud of how well it all came together despite the little hiccups.

Here’s a detail of the contents:

Front of the STD

Back of the STD (includes a magnet)

Front of the Early Bird RSVP

Back of the Early Bird RSVP (with edits to the address)

Passport Pages

The first page of the real Passport had a picture that represented the country and an intent for the purpose of travel. I decided to use a picture of us and a scripture that I felt was the intent for the purpose of our wedding.


I turned this page so you can read it correctly but it is turned the way a real passport booklet is. On the US Passport it features an eagle and the Constitution. I used a conch shell since it’s our symbol and rewrote a Constitution for our United State of Marriage. I didn’t want to use United States because I didn’t want to favor my country over his. I did my best to make it look  realistic.

I wanted to have a page that looked like passport stamps, so I put some travel details like the Travel Agents contact information in a few faux passport stamps. You wouldn’t believe some of the questions I’ve gotten about Bahamas. I didn’t realize how little Americans know about what’s outside our country until I started dating Ra. About 70% of people think Bahamas and Jamacia are the same, they ask me what language they speak there and they want to know why they need a passport since it’s US territory. To be honest I didn’t know all of this information but I wanted to answer a lot of the questions I get asked often and make guests feel comfortable knowing a little something about the foreign land they are traveling to.

Because convenience was important to me I wanted to give everyone the option of flying down or traveling on a cruise ship since they wouldn’t need a passport. I put the necessary information for flying and cruising on the next two pages, directing them to the website for more details. My favorite part is the little line that says it’s either the least expensive option or gives you more time in Nassau.

Because quotes and poems are important to both of us I wanted to include a poem that was special to me and described how I felt about marrying Ra. After working on it for a month I felt so proud of this little passport. I felt so proud of the entire Save the Date package. I hope my family and friends are surprised by the package, appreciate it and are motivated to make the trip. Have you ever recieved an unexpected package in the mail that made you smile?

All Photos are Personal

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