Saying “Yes, Yes, Oh Yesh” to the Dress

I know everyone woman waits for that moment where she finds “thee dress” I can’t even begin to explain to you my excitment when I found m dress. I discovered these dresses while googling before I knew they were designed Jim Hjelm and my thought process went a little like this:  Classy /Jim Hjelm 8763 Source 

Pretty / Jim Hjelm 8011 Source 

Yes /Jim Hjelm 8859  Source

Yes/Jim Hjelm 8800  Source

Oh, Oh /Jim Hjelm 8801   Source


Oh, Yesh! / Jim Hjelm 8904 Source

I know, I’m so inappropriate. But it really was climactic experience! It did a good job meeting the requirments on my list: 1. It was modest from the front and daring in the back  2. It had the lace I had fallen for, but did not look cheap or old lady-like 3. I would have to have it hemmed so it didn’t drag in the sand, but otherwise it wasn’t big and poufy so I could wear it all day 4. affordable…uh…well I have to do a lot of searching to find the designer and when I did there are no prices on the website. That usually means expensive. After some more googling (Isn’t google the best thing ever) I found out it’s about $3,500 for the dress. Used. Ouch.

I looked some more for a less expensive alternative and didn’t find anything I could be happy with. Then I found a Dessy bridesmaids dress that had the feel of the other dress and I didn’t have to worry about the sand.


I ended up deciding it was better suited as a reception dress because I was determined to have that dress. I showed everyone who would look that dress and they agreed it was beautiful as well. Because I’m so persistent I didn’t give up. I searched for a used dress. The ones I found had been sold, I even searched outside my size. Then I discovered the online chinese wedding dress frenzy. I could get a replica made for a lot less. It wouldn’t look exact and that’s ok, I was just concerned about the quality of the lace but I could get a sample. The dresses that I saw ladies getting for $100 – $300 excited me but did not apply. It turns out they wanted about $1,000 to make this beauty. That’s a lot for something I don’t see before buying and isn’t exactly what I want.

So with other pretty things for me to focus on, I put the great dress hunt on the shelf.  Have you gotten frustrated you can’t afford something and didn’t want to choose an alternative?

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