A place to call our own

I believe the spot where you are married becomes a part of you for the rest of your life. I’m all for making memories and I really wanted a memorable place that we could go back and visit and remember where we became husband and wife in front of our family and friends. I had continued with the online search after Beach Blub Cafe was out of the question. Many of the women I found online had been married at hotels like Atlantis, Wyndham, Sheraton, Breezes and RIU Palace (to name a few). Atlantis was out for sure because I was not a fan of their overpriced Las Vegas style resort. It was grand but to me it was not beautiful and tranquil. As far as the other hotels they had beautiful views but the beaches were crowded and I was not a fan of being surrounded by the people and the pool. Raoul and I attended an indoor wedding in the Sheraton which was pretty. That couple was from Nassau so they saw the beach all the time but I knew if I was getting married in the Bahamas it HAD to be outdoors.

Right next door to the Beach Club I remembered another restaurant I had visited in April called The Poop Deck. 


I had heard about this place before on a forum where other woman talked about how they had to call it something else because they didn’t want that on their invitations. Because there were two locations they just called it by where it is, Sandyport on the Beach. I on the other hand am entertained by the word poop and since I love contrast, what better contrast than the word poop with elegant lacey invitations! I contacted the restaurant through their website and was put in touch with their wedding planner Anna Marie. She and her assistant were very sweet and helpful and promptly sent me their menus. The least expensive option was about $30 per person and cheaper than the $40 plate at Beach Club. I shared them with Raoul and he was excited about it. His friends had showed me around there and they talked about how they will often have baby showers and what not there because they liked the food. I was told the menu was more American than Bahamian but heard nothing but good things about the place.


The outiside patio / Source

I tried hard to find pictures of weddings there because I remembered I was not crazy about the interior décor but was told we could have everything outside. Since I only peeked outside I couldn’t picture it and there was not much insight on their website.






I managed to find one wedding and while you couldn’t see much I knew I was not a fan of the umbrellas with Heineken plastered on them.






I was anxious but I had no choice but to wait until I went to Nassau in December to see it again with a bride’s perspective. If you remember Raoul took me venue shopping before he put a ring on it. This was one of the first places we visited. The staff was friendly and the owner showed us some pictures of weddings on his laptop. I really hated the green plastic chairs they had outside so I knew I would have to rent chairs for sure.  The beach was nice and the patio area large. When I came back outside to take pictures after talking to the owner, it had started raining and the guests had to move their tables as close as they could to the wall to keep from getting wet. I took a few pictures.

I snapped this picture inside the dining room / Personal Photo

Outside Patio. See the green plastic chairs? / Personal Photo


This area was around the corner on the patio, I liked that there was a lot of covered space / Personal Photo

At the corner of the patio and that open space is the outside bar / Personal Photo

View from the patio to the open area which is commonly used for the dance floor / Personal Photo

There is a large enough area for dancing or for setting up outdoor seating / Personal Photo

From the patio you go over that little bridge to get to the beach/ Personal Photo

When we left we were pretty sure that this was our least expensive option and where we would probably have the wedding. Deep down it really hurt me that I would have a nice view of Beach Club where I really wanted to be and Raoul made it better by suggesting we still have dinner there with our close family. I love that man. I had looked up a few more places online so we were off to do some more site visits.

Did you find your venue right away or was it a journey?

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