One of the projects I knew I couldn’t wait to tackle was the wedding website. I knew I wanted one for a long time but it was one of those projects I couldn’t start early. I had experience with creating free websites using Weebly and then I created a website on Wedding Wire for my mother’s wedding. I loved that they were both free and beginner user friendly. I loved that wedding wire had great templates, a flash introduction and the capability to add music. But I was frustrated at what I was limited to do and move around with Wedding Wire. I decided to return to my old buddy, Weebly. Not long after I was ready to start, I fell in love. Oh, I still love Ra but when I stumbled across this website I knew mine had to grow up to be just like it.

She had a wonderfully, sweet parents page with messages from each of them

Amazing hand drawn maps…

And even a page dedicated to helping guests select their wedding wardrobe

It was so detailed and the best part was the way it made you excited for this event. I showed my mother and she too wanted to go to this wedding. Side note: I’ve also jacked another wedding project I found on she posted on Weddingbee, which you’ll see soon. I worked for almost two weeks building this site, bit by bit with the goal of finishing it so I could send the save the dates out. (I had printed the site on the postcards and I didn’t want family and friends seeing my half done project!)  It took some time to figure out how get the header the right size and to add the background. I got a free one from the blog fairy, you just have to reference her page somewhere on your site. I was upset I couldn’t use the fonts I had already picked for my stationary, but I found a new font (UgkyQua) I really liked and downloaded it at dafont.com to use on my stationary.

I also found a dingbat font on dafont called poulpi – .I know its a little octopus but I fell in love with  it because it looked like my favorite sea creature – a jellyfish.

Anyway, I used it to create buttons for links to my various pages.  

 Getting the format down took quite a bit of time and I almost quit a few times. Once I had the pages and links setup I began adding the details to the pages. For the wedding in the Bahamas I offered guest the option of flying there or cruising there for their convenience. This way they could take off as much time as they wanted from work and they also did not need a passport if they were cruising. Once I got all the information I needed from the travel agent I added the travel details.


Screen Shot of the “Cruise There” page

Then I worked on adding “Our Story”. This took quite a bit of time to type it all and add the pictures, I really wish I had started this sooner. Ra started to read it and decided it was way too long and lost interest. I thought about editing it but some female opinions I got were that they liked the details, so I left it be. I wanted to add Ra’s version but he was too busy (or lazy) to type it so that has yet to happen. I also started the “Our Parents” page and I felt bad there’s only pictures of my side because he’s too busy (or lazy) to take pictures of them. I asked my mother for the message like the other website but decided against it since it would be half done.

You might be wondering if my website is blah blah blah.weebly.com like all the free sites. Actually I have a .info just like the bride I admired. I contacted her because I was curious how she could do this using a weddingwire template and she was so kind to respond and help me out. She told me to go to godaddy.com and purchase a .info domain because it was much cheaper than a .com. I think I paid a whopping $2.11 for the year.  It took an afternoon of frustration and me humbling myself and calling customer service to ask for help for me to learn a little bit about masking. I say little bit because all I know is that’s what it’s called. The customer service was amazing, the gentleman was so helpful and chatted with me about my wedding and in no time we were done. It took a few hours for it to work and by that evening we had a wedding website!

Screen shot of the homepage (one day I will figure out how to make the linen background go all the way to the bottom)

Reason number #27 of how I impressed Ra while wedding planning was when he saw the site. I have continued to bug him to help me out by writing his version of the proposal or how we met, or even give me pictures of his parents so mine don’t look lonely but that’s asking a lot from such a busy man. Maybe one day. It does make me proud when people tell me they visited my site and I plan to continue to add more information (you know, when I have time). I watched a YouTube tutorial about adding music but I haven’t figured that out yet. I also can’t figure out how to get a visitors counter on there so today I added a guestbook so they will hopefully leave  a message they stopped by.

Do you think wedding websites are tacky and overdone? Does your groom help you with medial wedding tasks?

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