I Don’t Do Dishes

It’s true that I don’t do dishes. If I’m visiting in your home I will but at home I try to avoid using them if I know I have to clean them. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE dishes. I love them so much I refused to have one set, I just buy two or four of each of the patterns I like so I can have as many as I want. I’m usually told I’m weird for that. A boyfriend once told me he couldn’t wait for me to register for my wedding so I could get matching dishes. No one gets I want it like that for a reason! I love the collected look. I don’t have matching furniture in my home either, I’m just not a matchy-matchy girl.  When I learned there was a trend in vintage wedding to have an assortment of dishes I went gaga!


Image via  Style Me Pretty

Image via Style Me Pretty

Image via Style Me Pretty

Image via Southern Living

Image via Southern Living

While collecting pictures I found women trying to sell their sets, $400 for 200 plates was crazy for a cheap girl like me. I turned to craiglist for a less expensive source. I was surprised to learn in this economy china still holds it’s value. They were selling sets that were not even complete for $200-$600. There’s no way that would fit into my budget. I decided to start collecting. Thrift store shopping is one of my favorite past times so I increased my visits to grow my collection. Most stores mark down their items on Monday, so I make my visits Monday and Tuesday. The Goodwill offers half off of a colored tag every week, so Monday is ideal to snatch up everything in that color. I set a rule to spend less than $1.00 for each dinner plate and dessert plate. It’s very hard to keep to that because I want to just be done already but I kepe reminding myself I have 5 months.  Here’s a peek at my collection so far.

 18 dessert plates (Personal Image)


23 dinner plates (Personal Image)

 When my mother saw the plates stacked in my car (I don’t like to get plastic bags) she asked what was I doing. I tried explaining and she responded “How are we going to get them to Bahamas?” You might be wondering that as well. I’m not that crazy, I had plans to use them for my Virginia Beach reception. For the Bahamas reception I had something different planned.

Did you want something for your wedding before you knew it was a trend?

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