Stick a Fork In It

Although I had fallen in love with the idea of mis-matched china for my reception I had fallen in love with something else before than. I have Mrs. Poodle, who inspired me to put my touch on everything in the wedding, to thank for my first tableware love.

 They’re natural and rustic, they’re green, they’re affordable. They’re perfect! / Image via wedding bee

After much mindless internet surfing research I learned Mrs. Hot Dog had stamped them and used them.

Image via wedding bee

So did Mrs. Earrings 

Image via weddingbee

 And a Style Me Pretty Bride

 Image via Style Me Pretty

 It took a lot of searching to find an affordable source, that was not out of stock. I came across Webstaurant Store where they sold for $5.49 for 100. Sweet.


Image via Webstaurant Store

 But they were out of stock. That was ok I didn’t need to buy them yet anyway. I entered my email to be notified when they came back in stock. In my head I had envisioned a beach picnic, elegant dinner and these utensils would work well with china or these lovely plates I found on the same site.


Image via Webstaurant Store  

 100 9″ plates were $62.50. (They also come in 7″ and 11″) These were not exactly wood though, they were  made from organic bamboo. They were environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The website described the plate as good to use for either casual or formal occasions. Perfect! I worried about how heavy they would be if I was packing them to go to The Bahamas but I figured if nothing else I could rent plates down there.  I became obsessed with eco friendly tableware and searched for bowls we could use for serving conch salad. I don’t think I mentioned it but we plan to have Raoul’s friend who was making the conch salad from the how we met story make conch salad at the wedding. Before we were engaged he was on board! I found a lot of “green” options when searching for bowls. 

Party City had an option made from sugar cane fiber / Image via Party City

I found bowls made with tapioca fibers / Image via Green Party Goods

I also found bowls made with tree-free biodegradable bamboo fiber  / Image via EcoPro

I fell in love with these pressed bamboo leaf bowls / Image via Amazon 

I think I’ll probably order those bowls because of the size, look and price. I think at $39.00 for 100 they’re a pretty good value. I got a nice surprise earlier this week. I received an email that said the woodware was available again. I hurried and ordered them because I feared at that price they would sell out quickly. They offer less expensive shipping if you have your package delivered to a business address so I used my mother’s address and waited patiently. She called this afternoon to tell me my package arrived and I can’t wait to go get it!

The question now is do I add to my never-ending DIY list and stamp them? And if I stamp them, what should I stamp them with? It’s better in The Bahamas? A conch shell? RaLove? Have you ever eaten off biodegradable table ware? How did you like it?


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