They like me, They really like me!

No sooner than I had complained about not getting any RSVP responses did I get a nice surprise in the mail.

Nope not this. I wish (Personal Photo)

It would be nice but this picture of my mom’s best friend was taken because she came over while they were being assembled.  I did go home the other night to find three rsvp postcards in the mail. Yay! One from my favorite great aunt who has called my mother, grandmother and I about what the wedding arrangments will be every few days for the last few weeks. I knew she was coming! Another was from a family friend declining, but she wrote a sweet message.

(Personal Image)

The last had every detail filled out perfectly. It was from family friends who would like to come if the finances are in order. I loved the sweet message from them. Then a few days went by and nothing else came. After a while I recieved one more from family friends telling me they were coming and bring another couple along.

(Personal Image)

I called my mom because I wanted to know if that meant I had to invite them to the wedding as well. She said yes they’ll take someone else’s place so now there are two strangers on the guest list. (Do they get an OOT bag too?)


Then I recieved another that was colored in so pretty! (Personal Photo)

(Personal Photo)

After I made a phone call to my old best friend, I recieved her’s in the mail.

 (Personal Photo)

 I’m glad they had fun with it. That was the goal. So far of the 100 that went out, 6 rsvp cards came back. Lesson learned, the interactive part was a bit much for people, half of them didn’t fill it all out and I think it’s because it was too confusing for the older crowd. If you attempt something like this, you may want to print two versions.

This morning I recieved a phone call from my mom telling me 5 people had booked their cruise for the wedding last week. They didn’t think to RSVP or call me? I’m not complaining, they’re coming. And this brings us to moment number two where I feel “this just got real” I knew I had people that loved me I just wanted an overwhelming flood of rsvps in my mailbox. I started calling other family and friends and got their maybe’s and compliments on my STD’s. It feels good to be loved.

Did you get fustrated waiting for RSVP’s?

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