I’ll Drink To That!

Well I’ve told you my plans for what we’ll eat with and on but not what we’ll drink out of yet. Finding green drinking glasses that fit my style is easy. Finding ones that travel is a bit more difficult. I had seen a lot of destination wedding brides put travel mugs in their out of town bags. I didn’t want a stadium plastic cup or a bubba keg so I thought what else would they reuse.


The insulated plastic cups with straws are very popular. But expensive / Source


Aluminum water bottles would be much better than offering plastic. But expensive / Source

Glass swing top bottles would be even better than aluminum, but I don’t want to wrap all that glass. Plus they’re expensive. / Source

 I had to think what would be light to carry and stack so as not to take up precious luggage space. Red Solo Cups wouldn’t work because they’re plastic and that bright red color will seriously clash with my pastel color scheme. But paper cups could work. Because they’re disposable it’s not very green but what if I could find a biodegradable option. Hmmmm…

I found these biodegradable plastic alternative cups made from corn ($15.50 for 100) Source

I fell in love with these letter cups. How cool would it be to have the first letter of your name? But then I wouldn’t have enough letters for that. / Source


  Because I’ve been using a lot of kraft paper in my stationary I thought that would be the perfect look, and we could use sharpies to mark them. / Source

I think that’s my best option unless we end up at a restaurant and have the glassware provided. I’m just on the hunt for some cups I can buy, so far I’m only finding chinese sources with 1000 cup minimums. Now I had the chance to upgrade the glassware for my Virginia reception since it will be paired with the vintage china. I thought about renting real glasses.


It would be such fun to drink sweet tea and lemonade from these outside / Source

No matter what we drink out of it has to have this amazing fruit and  veggie water inside! / Source

 Of course, I also thought about the ever popular Mason Jars





I hated this look at first because it felt “My Big Redneck Wedding” but then it grew on me. I started seeing it more and more and I realized I would have what everyone else has. Moving on.


Mason Jars mugs haven’t been overdone yet / Source


At $12.99 for 12 they’re not too bad but not exactly my style / Source

Then I found this image of a plastic milk bottle. I loved that look but really didn’t want plastic. / Source

  All the glass milk bottle images I found had the adorable paper straws I loved.




Inspiration pictures were plentiful but an affordable source to buy them was a bit harder. I was looking for favor jars and came across this Martha Stewart image on Speciality Bottle’s website one day. 

They’re actually sauce bottles / Source

Milk bottles would be cute, unique, and green. As long as I reused the bottles or bought them used. I searched and searched online and came up empty. Then one day on Craigslist I found this.


$80 for 30 and they were real vintage / Source

There were only 30 and I figured I could pair them with something else for my mix and match look. But they were 2 hours away and the gas made them so expensive it wasn’t worth it. I did some more googling and came across a neat idea on a blog.


Drink Starbucks frappuccino and save the bottles. They have the same vintage milk bottle look once you remove the wrapper. 


Ah-may-zing! I checked out Amazon.com and with shipping it’s about $35 for 12 bottles. I think that’s crazy, especially for something I wouldn’t drink. I plan to check out Sams and look for coupons on Ebay and double coupon days at the grocery store. I know what I want, now I just need to buy it.  Would you drink 100 frappuccino’s  for the sake of the wedding?

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