Dressy Drinks

So I’ve gotten really excited about collecting the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles for drinking glasses. (I decided to use them to make coffee ice cream) Turns out many in the DIY world love them too.

I could etch them / Source

I would love to sugar the rims / Source

Then I started thinking about what other glass bottles I could re-use.  (Since I’m being green and cheap) Then I found this image.


I could use beer bottles! I know lots of people who drink beer, I just have to ask them to save their trash for me. If you’ve been watching you’ll see all of the images of drinks have one thing in common. 

Paper Striped Straws / Source

I couldn’t wait to dress up the drinks with these! Then my DIY folder started growing.  

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate kraft paper / Source

Mrs. Sweet Cream makes it look so easy / Source

I don’t think you can have enough hearts at a wedding / Source

All my favorite images had grey and white straws and they were available for a great price. I ordered the 144 from Kikkerland through Amazon. I was on the hunt for pretty peach ribbon to dress them up. Then I found these:

Sometimes you need to just stop looking. They’re $16 for 100 / Source

The color is perfect. I think I’m going to order them anyway and use straws at both the Nassau and Virginia Beach receptions. I think a navy ribbon with be so striking. I also found peach stripes but I had to stop myself when I realized I would need extra long straws for the beer bottles. So far I’ve only found gray but I’m still on the hunt.

So pretty!/Source

 In addition to ribbons I also fell for drink stirrers.

 I love that they bring in the beachy elements/ Source


So easy to do and I love the nautical look/ Source

 You know I’m crazy about hearts, plus they’re sparkly!/ Source

This is one of those projects that is totally unnecessary but I want it because I saw it. I do think it would add a nice touch and it would make me smile every time I looked at them. Since I’m trying to use quotes and scriptures in every place I can I thought it would be cute on a drink flag. I saw a woman use address labels to make monogram flags and had a great idea to use vista print free labels. I designed two and ordered them with my save the date stuff. I had some wooden sticks left over from a project with the kids and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

 (Personal Photo)

Through trial and error I learned it was best to line up the edges first (Personal Photo)

Then slide the stick in the middle and press it together (Personal Photo)

This project is practically free and so easy since no adhesive is involved!

I tried moving the flag down to see if I liked it, I didn’t. (Personal Photo)

  (Personal Photo)

Since I’m trying to incorporate a lot of keys I used that for one and a conch for the other. I was so worried if the quote would fit on one side but it worked out wonderfully. I made a bunch before I realized they would be too short for any cup I planned to use. I ordered taller wood stir sticks from the WEBstaurant Store when I ordered the utensils and can’t wait to give them a try. Now I just have to get the straws done and my drinks will be dressed and ready for a night out!

(Personal Photo)

Did you add any unneccessary DIY projects to your list because you saw them online?

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