Be Our Guest

The guests at your wedding are very important because they help make the memories. You’ll always want to remember who was there to witness and celebrate your marriage. When the memories start to fade it’s nice to be able to pull out the guest book and remind yourself of who was there to support you that day. I’ve always loved the idea of a guest book and I even started a guest book of people what have visited my house. One of the childhood wedding plans I had early on was more than just a list of cursive names in a book that was hard to read. I didn’t know what though. I’m not sure when it became popular but as soon as I learned about a wish jar I knew I wanted one.

Image via Martha Stewart (This also happens to be from a wedding in Nassau)

I realize its just like a heartfelt but I loved the idea of collecting notes from all the guests to read over and over. Plus you know I love interactive activities at weddings! This wish jar grew into a wish tree and I loved that idea, but it didn’t fit well enough on the beach for me.

Image via Boho Weddings and Events

I tried to recreate it using driftwood and tucking notes into the holes but finding the right piece of wood caused me to give up. (Ra and I searched for driftwood the day he proposed and came up with nothing) Searching for trees brought me to this true love.

I loved it! It was green (kinda), It was interactive and would look so pretty hanging on my wall. I started to think I’d have to have it in addition to something else because I really wanted my messages! Since I had always planned to use wood stationary so I searched for a wood guest book.

Image via Etsy

But I thought this would leave me with a list of names again. I tried searching Etsy for wood books that I could personalize so I could have inner pages like this:

 Image via Guestbook Store

Image via Weddingbee DIY

I had a hard time finding what I wanted for a price I wanted. I loved all the thought provoking questions and I thought it would be neat to have a book where they wrote marriage advice for me and a book of marriage advice for Ra. I struggled to find an affordable choice and I started to research binding my own book. Then I discovered wedding blogs I found lots of ideas to fall in love with.

I’d love to have this but I couldn’t take it on the plane to Bahamas and it would leave me with short messages.

Image via Creating Really Awesome Free Things

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