Confessions of a Shopaholic

Hello, My name is Amber Dominique and I’m a Thrift Store Shopping Addict!


It started out with things for my house and then when the wedding shopping became more serious so did my addiction. I learned that old items are marked down on Monday to make room for the new items. So Monday and Tuesday are the best days for shopping. I’ve had to work hard to make sure I’m not buying something because it’s cheap (which is so tempting)but buying things I actually need.  My goal in decorating the wedding is to find things I want to decorate my home or use in the kitchen, this way I feel like I’m saving money because it’s a two for one.

If live in the Tidewater area here’s the skinny on the local Thrift Stores. The Children’s Hospital for the King’s Daughters Thirft Stores tend to be less expensive and have the best finds. The Goodwill offers a colored tag for half off each week but you must check frequently because they’re popular stores. Thrift Store City is my favorite for great finds and great prices. The Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store and Thrift Store USA have staff that must read wedding blogs because they know the value of their stuff and it’s not always easy to score a good deal. Union Mission Thrift does not usually have good items and they’re overpriced however they have awesome sales like half off everything for 3 hours a few tines a month.

You’re probably wondering what’s the fuss is all about. Besides my plate collection let me show you some of my recent treasures.

Set of four jars for $6.98. The lids are begging to be painted with chalkboard paint!  (Personal Photo)

Three bags of seashells for $2.98 each (Personal Photo)

Crystal Punch Bowl with 7 crystal cups for $2.98 and a Crystal Cake Plate for $9.98 (Personal Photo)

Milk Glass Bowls, the top two were a set for $2.98 and the bottom was $1.98 (Personal Photo)

Two Glass Cake Plates, $7.98 for the set (Personal Photo)

From left to right, pedestal bowl for $4.25, medium jar with lid $2.98, two small jars with lids priced at $1.65 each but they were half off because they were the color of the week, cake plate with lid $6.98 (Personal Photo)

 The good deals add up and I have to work really hard to have self control and pay my bills before shopping but the feeling of getting great stuff for even greater prices make everyday I shop I great day! Do you thrift store shop? Have you found it to be a valuable source for your wedding?

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