I Have a Doctor’s Note

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. It’s not because I gave up on the wedding, I promise. It’s because I’ve been really sick! Like “feeling like poop on a stick” sick. (I could google and share a picture with you but you might not like that as much as I would) Since I’m allergic to most OTC medicines and antibiotics, I don’t go to the doctors unless it’s really bad . I’ve been trying to let my body build up the strength to fight it. I know it’s worse than a cold but I don’t think it’s the flu but the Doctor’s I work for can vouch that I’m really sick since I picked it up from their little girl.


I promise to catch you up on what’s been going on and make up for it with a posting marathon! I have the next week off and since Raoul’s no longer able to come visit (the sucky part of long distance relationships and shrinking finances) I will have time to tackle the DIY projects that have been sitting on my couch and floor waiting for me to have time.

How cool you get to see it all up close without getting infected! (Hmmm maybe I should sanatize the projects when I’m done?)

One thought on “I Have a Doctor’s Note

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