The DIY Marathon takes off

I started filling my down time with creating some designs on power point. I had fallen in love with this image a long time ago and thought it would fit us well since Raoul and his father really love Chess and Checkers. (If you google him and his father, pictures of them in a chess competition come up)

 Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs

I loved it because it was functional as a place mat on an outdoor table and interactive and would keep guests busy while waiting on food. I thought about making a chess game but I knew that it would never end and break up the vibe of the party, plus I liked the way they used gummies as alternative pieces. I had stored this idea in “Things I don’t need to spend the money on” until I saw this while shopping at the local wine and cake store:

They have ton’s of colors but I think I like Ivory the best.  I was picking up a mold for soap, a project I hope to get to this week / Image via Wine and Cake Hobbies

I thought 50 for $4.99 would make the project affordable, all I had to do was design the place mat and print it on the computer. Here’s what I have so far.

Personal Image

 It’s a good start but I hate it because it’s so unfinished. I’m taking a pause to let my creative juices flow. But for pieces I’d like to use the sea shells and clear glass gems I bought at the dollar store when I thought I was making bubble magnets. It will be easy and cheap since I already have them.

Next, I decided to work on a project I had been tripping over for the last month. I have always collected sand from places I visited and it’s something really special to me.

Here’s my collection that sits in the hallway. That’s the Kalik bottle from when Ra and I first met! / Personal Image

I thought it would be sweet for guests to take home sand from Nassau to remember the wedding and The Bahamas. I already had these bottles which I had purchased from Ebay a few years ago in my attic.

I’m so glad I saved them because they made this project possible. (Personal Image)

I had searched long and hard for sea glass online and in stores but it was not affordable and difficult to find a color I liked. One day I was in the floral aisle at Wal-Mart (shopping for my mothers’ wedding) and I found this for less than $4.

Bonus: It’s made from recyclable materials! (Personal Image)

I realize it’s not real but it fits through the mouth of the jar so I don’t have attack sea glass with a hammer. The bottle still needed something else. I remembered some shells I had. I purchased boxes from a bride hoping to use them for my save the dates but they turned out too small. She had included her leftover shells and starfish for free! I finally had all my supplies and they sat waiting on the floor for over a month. Fast forward to today when I carried them to my sick-bed. Yes, I craft in my bed. No, I do not recommend it. Now I have tiny pebbles everywhere!

Here’s a close up of the bottle. (Personal Image)

Then I lined them up and added 5 shells to each one ( I wanted to make sure I had enough)

(Personal Image)

I got bored with that fast and just dumped shells across the tops.

(Personal Image)

I didn’t have enough starfish for all the bottles so I’m going to ask brides for their leftovers instead of ordering a new bag of 500. After the starfish I added pinches of sea glass.

(Personal Image)

Some of the bottles have a lot more sea glass because it took too long so I just poured it across the top.

(Personal Image)

Which left a big mess so I just used the bottles to scoop up the pebbles.

 (Personal Image)

After about 45 minutes they look so cute all lined up!

(Personal Image)

(Personal Image)

When Raoul comes to visit he’s bringing sand and we can seal them closed once we add the sand. So far this project is costing me $4 for 85 bottles. I’m not counting the cost of the bottles because I bought them six years ago but they were about $11. I would like to add a label with a poem about the sand or sea glass and I can use leftover cardstock from my Save the Dates to create them. I’m also tempted to soak the corks in some tropical scented oil I already have when we get closer to August! I’m pretty proud of my first (almost) done favor but there’s more projects to work on.

Do you collect anything from your travels? Were you able to make use of supplies you already had in the house before wedding planning?

3 thoughts on “The DIY Marathon takes off

  1. I love the checkerboard idea! It’s really cute and will be fun for your guests. The bottles look great too! I’d be careful about soaking the corks in oil though. I know a lot of people (myself included) are allergic to basically the world. I’m fine with some scented oils (generally the natural ones), but others make me miserable. It would be awful if one of your guests broke out in hives/had an asthma attack at your wedding!

    • That’s a really good point considering I have strong allergies on my skin. I just wanted it to appeal to your senses! I did buy natural oil from Etsy but I may only scent a few of them because some people can’t handle smelling scents. Thanks so much for saving my reception from s disaster!

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