What Are You Wearing Under There?

Under where?

The little kid in me thinks that joke is still funny. But finding a petticoat to wear under my dress, not so funny. It’s been difficult! I had visions of a 50’s style silhouette which required a petticoat or crinoline.

Image via I do dreams The woman in family were not on board with me creating my dress until they saw this picture which they said was “So Me”

But with a tiny budget I tired to be resourceful in finding an inexpensive crinoline to wear under my dress. I searched the classifieds on Weddingbee, BestDestinationWeddings and Project Wedding. I searched Craigslist in my area and surrounding areas, I searched all the Pre-Owned wedding dress sites and I even searched eBay and Etsy. After almost four months the best price I could find was $75.00 plus $11.95 in shipping.

Image via EllanaCouture on Etsy

Of course on my frequent trips to the thrift stores I always checked for a crinoline but could only find full length ones or plastic ones which meant I wouldn’t be able to dye it pink or peach like these lovelies.

Image via Classic Bride

I anticipated the opening of a new Goodwill for weeks and it happened to come last Thursday when I was very sick. I dragged my sick butt out there to wait in line at 8:00 for them to open at 8:50. I wanted to have first grab at the new stuff, I had tips from an employee they had tons of J Crew, H&M and Banana Republic with tags on it. My family told me I was crazy for wanting to be early for a thrift store, that no one would care as much as me. They were wrong, there were so many people it was like Black Friday. They were stealing from peoples carts and everything. I was becoming anxious to get working on my dress since its 5 months out and almost purchased the crinoline the day before but decided to wait one more day till I went to the new store. I’m so glad I was a good little thrift store shopper because as I walked in and headed towards the dresses there it was with a halo and glitter surrounding it. I ran towards it in slow motion through a field with a beautiful ballad playing in the background.

Personal Picture

Okay maybe that was in my head but I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to find it. It fit perfect and it was already pink so I wouldn’t have to dye it! Would you believe it was only $8.99! I told you I’m a good little thrift store shopper! I had also stopped at the fabric stores a couple weeks ago because I felt my lace wasn’t enough like my inspiration pictures.

Image via Jim Hjelm

Image via Style me Pretty

I loved that it was sparkly but I felt it was more like tulle with appliques and not lace. The Fabric Hut is the go to place in the Tidewater area, they had walls of lace but nothing like what I had in my mind. The tulle lace I had been carrying around came from Jo-Ann’s and I tried there one more time and  found one other lace that I liked and now I have to decide between the two.

Personal Picture

I also bought some sparkly trim for the bridal belt from The Fabric Hut and some buttons from Jo-Ann’s to go with the fabric for the flower sash.

Personal Picture

I want to finalize the main fabric of the dress and make the details coordinate with that. So which lace do you think I should go with? Have you gotten something for your wedding at a price way less than you expected?

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