The DIY Marathon Continues

Remember I wanted to dress up my drinks? Well, once the taller stir sticks arrived with the fork I was able to whip out some more drink decorations. I added quote flags to the longer sticks.

Personal Image

And remember I was determined to make these.

Image via anna and blue paperie

I purchased the glitter paper which was $1.99 a sheet using a 20% off your total purchase coupon at Michaels (which also goes on 50% off sale if you watch) and the heart punch was 40% at ACMoore.

Image via Amazon

I punched hearts in the paper and hot glued two of them to each stick. It was so easy it seemed unfair and they’re my favorite DIY project so far!

Personal Image

Personal Image

 I also wanted to make ribbon flags but the search for peach ribbon proved too difficult and I gave up since the hearts were so beautiful.

Did you find that a DIY project was easier than you expected? Did you have thoughts of listing it on Etsy?

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