Wrapping it Up

It feels so good to wrap this project up. It literally took me 5 days. Not 24 hours a day though because my fingers were so sore I had to take breaks. I’m sure your dying to see what I wrapped up. I have to admit his was not an original idea. I combined the wooden utensils I had fallen in love with and these images.

Images via Mrs.Beagle on Weddingbee

Thanks to these images I was melting all over my keyboard. The collection of patterns appealed to my love of mismatched items, the fact that they were not disposable struck a chord with the desire to be green and turning the napkins into a quilt after the wedding was right up my alley because I’m all kinds of sentimental. I had discovered this idea last summer and once I had settled on my color scheme (which I’m calling Buff, Blush and Bashful with a little Blue for Raoul) I started collecting fabrics. I set a limit of $3.00 a yard or less. I broke the rule twice with a $4.00 a yard fabric and $7.95 a yard fabric I had to have. It’s hard to see in the picture but it was a white fabric with white nautical designs on it.  I was more than excited when my package from Webrestaurant store arrived in the mail because that meant I could start! It came pretty quickly and I highly reccomend them by the way. I was anxious to get started and I pulled out all of the fabrics I had collected and started cutting one with pinking shears. I took a break to look online and make sure I was doing it right and it said wash and iron the fabrics first. I had to force myself to do this tedious part. After I washed the fabrics I took them to my mothers house so I could iron in front of the TV (since I got rid of mine a while ago because it was too much of a distraction) My mother told me I was crazy and should just go buy a pack of napkins from the dollar store but I kept right on. I did get worried when she said they were too small, being I’m a lazy DIY-er I didn’t measure them I just folded the yard into equal pieces and started cutting. My thumb and forefinger was in pain from all the cutting so I cut a few then started rolling to break it up.

Personal Image

I didn’t want to go to the store to buy twine so I used ribbon that I had from the dollar store. It really bothered me that this ribbon will just go in the trash or probably blow away in the wind but I couldn’t think of a green alternative. I decided not to put a tag on each one to make up for my lack of being green and instead make a sign that explains why were eating off wood and why I want to save the napkins. So after 5 days of work the fruits of my labor are 100 forks for dessert and 100 forks, spoons, and knives for dinner rolled up in fabric napkins tied with coordinating ribbon.

For dessert / Personal Image

For dinner / Personal Image

I’d like to find a crate to store them in standing up and maybe label them dinner and dessert and a pretty container for dirty napkins. It would be nice if I could wash and re-cut them to use for the Virginia Beach reception as well but we’ll see. Hopefully they get saved and one day maybe I’ll learn to make a quilt with them.  For now they’re packaged in ziplock bags to stay dust free waiting to go to the Bahamas.

Personal Image

 I’m very pleased with the results and I know they’ll be beautiful at the wedding even if they aren’t appreciated by all. Did you spend a lot of time and effort on a project that family and friends didn’t care much about?

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