About Me

I’m a Pennsylvania girl living in Virginia trying to decide where to put her roots. I have an obsessive personality and I’m currently engrossed in food, wedding blogs, babies, graphic & interior design, country music, living as natural as possible, anything that’s pink, cute or sparkly and of course the love of my life. I’ve gone from being an Interior Designer to a Preschool Teacher to a Nanny in the last two years, and I aspire to be a Stepford Wife when I grow up. When I’m not taking care of children, I love doing what I can to be involved in my American Sign Language Congregation and helping my family and friends because that’s what gives my life purpose. I’m excited to be marrying a man who’s admired and respected by me as well as his family and friends. I love that he doesn’t mind being my best friend and lets me talk all night, he’s always determined to improve on himself and our relationship, he has high standards and a great big heart that loves me. Together we are planning a very elegant, slightly vintage, all DIY, as green as possible destination wedding on the beach in Nassau and the woods in Virginia Beach with a little bit of money and a whole lotta love.


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